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Do you feel UNSAFE, home alone at night?

When you lie in bed at night and hear a strange noise, you immediately become tense, wondering what it is and whether you are safe. There is nothing you can really do, except stay scared and helpless.

Solution: Personal Alarm Protection from a leader in emergency response service.

Using Life Alarm’s Personal Alarm Protection service can literally save your life, or the life of a loved one. When danger strikes, one simple push of the pendant connects you to Life Alarm’s central monitoring center. From there, the Life Alarm dispatcher, by amplifying the sounds in your home remotely, can hear faint noises you cannot. If needed, he will sound a loud alarm over the main Life Alarm unit in your home, contact the police, and chase away any intruder by speaking loudly over the unit. The dispatcher will stay on the line with you the entire time until the police arrive.
  How It Works:

A) If you feel unsafe or are experiencing a security problem, press the Life Alarm pendant.

B) The pendant immediately signals the Life Alarm Monitoring Center, available 24/7.

C) The Life Alarm Monitoring Center gets you the security help you need, fast.

D) Life Alarm provides intrusion protection in case of break-ins, assault or robbery, as well as protection for medical and fire emergencies.

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